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Cataloguing and Audiovisual Information Management

Scholar Year: 2023/2024 - 1S

Code: PA05    Acronym: CGIA
Scientific Fields: Áudio-Visuais e Produção dos Media
Section/Department: Arts


Acronym N. of students Study Plan Curricular year ECTS Contact hours Total Time
TSPPA 18 4,0 38 108,0

Teaching weeks: 15


João Paulo Rodrigues PiresHead

Weekly workload

Hours/week T TP P PL L TC E OT OT/PL TPL O S
Type of classes


Type Teacher Classes Hours
Contact hours Totals 1 2,50
Miguel Jorge Roseiro Boavida   2,53

Teaching language


Intended learning outcomes (Knowledges, skills and competencies to be developed by the students)

Understanding of the concepts associated with the handling of metadata associated with audiovisual materials and their classification.
Understanding the mechanisms underlying the structure, format and metadata processing.
Design and planning data management systems.
Data modeling principles and the use of relational databases.
Description of metadata, the XML standard.
Search engines and metadata processing in XML.
The integration of audiovisual metadata in database management systems.
The use of metadata in professional video editing systems.


1 - Metadata.
2 - The use of metadata in audiovisual information systems.
3 – Integration of audiovisual information from different sources: the use of data management systems.
4 - Database Management System
5 – The design of database management systems
7 - Development of audiovisual metadata management systems
5 – Metadata processing: Existing tools and integration models.
6 - Structuring metadata (XML).
7 - MPEG 7, MPEG 21 and MXF formats.


mysql workbench

mysql workbench

Demonstration of the syllabus coherence with the UC intended learning outcomes

The work during the semester is focused on the development of data management systems, adapted various contexts where the cataloging or audiovisual information is required.
In all sessions, after a more theoretical part, the work is mostly applied to the design and development of the different projects. All the projects are regularly presented by each group and discussed within the class.

The development process contains several stages:
(A) The proposal of an audiovisual information management system for a specific domain;
(B) A detailed Proposal of an user interface model to the system;
(C) The design of a data model that supports the system;
(D) The creation of a set of structured data to be used in the testing phase;
(E) The development of a small prototype of the system;
(F) The creation of mechanisms for metadata import and export;

Teaching methodologies

Continuous evaluation

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