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Scholar Year: 2021/2022 - 2S

Code: DN19    Acronym: EST
Scientific Fields: Desporto
Section/Department: Science and Technology


Acronym N. of students Study Plan Curricular year ECTS Contact hours Total Time
TSPDN 25 30,0 810,0

Teaching weeks: 15


Mário André da Cunha EspadaHead

Weekly workload

Hours/week T TP P PL L TC E OT OT/PL TPL O S
Type of classes


Type Teacher Classes Hours
Contact hours Totals 1 7,20
Amílcar Antunes   2,20
Fernando Santos   1,86
Luís Filipe Moutinho Leitão   0,80
Mário André Cunha Espada   2,06
Ricardo Robalo   1,33

Teaching language


Intended learning outcomes (Knowledges, skills and competencies to be developed by the students)

Observe and be able to analyze and describe the structure and dynamics of organizations within the framework of their projects and activities.
Support and intervene in the planning, programming, organization, direction and control of projects, programs and sports activities.
Design or select appropriate instruments to respond to the needs of the situations posed by the practice.
Apply knowledge and skills acquired throughout academic training in real work contexts.
Integrate new knowledge and skills acquired in a professional context.


Work-related training.
Elaboration of portfolio and final report of internship.
Public presentation of the work (s) developed.

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