Media Discourse

Ficha de unidade curricular - Ano letivo 2020/2021

Code: CS30024
Acronym: DM
Section/Department: Communication and Language Sciences
Semester/Trimester: 2nd Semester
Acronym Curricular Years ECTS
CS 4
Teaching weeks: 15
Weekly workload:
Hours/week T TP P PL L TC E OT OT/PL TPL O S
Type of classes
Head: Lídia Soraya Barreto Marôpo
Lectures: Maria Lucília Marcos Moreira da Silva

Teaching language


Intended learning outcomes (Knowledges, skills and competencies to be developed by the students)

Understanding the analytical categories of “experience”, “speech” and “mediation”.
Understanding, in an analytical and critical manner, the contemporary mediating phenomena.
Understanding the discursive and pragmatic dimensions of the media.
Understanding the role of the media in a Deliberative Democracy.


1. The relational dimension of human experience.
2. Human experience and communication.
3. Modernity and “field of media”.
4. The concept of “discourse”.
5. The concept of “mediation” and “media coverage”.
6. Discursive strategies of media.
7. Functions of the media in democracy.
8. Civil Society, participation and deliberation.
9. Studying examples (texts and images).
10.Intersecting Narratives of Media Influence.
11.The Society of "Transparence".

Demonstration of the syllabus coherence with the UC intended learning outcomes

Conceptual, methodological and critical articulation.

Teaching methodologies

Analysis of theoretical texts
Case Study
Oral comments
Writing of texts

Demonstration of the teaching methodologies coherence with the curricular unit's intended learning outcomes

Conceptual, methodological and critical articulation.

Assessment methodologies and evidences

Assessment without final examination.

Attendance system



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