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International Accommodation Accommodation Options
The Centre for Internationalisation and Mobility of Setubal Polytechnic Institute (CIMOB-IPS) will not take responsibility for your accommodation.

However, we list some options:

Santiago's Students Residence from IPS Students Welfare Services (SAS) is located about 2 km far from IPS Campus in Setúbal and about 4 km far from the city center - there's a bus, leaving from Setúbal, which stops near the Students Residence and near this Campus.

To make reservation:

Fill and send the Accommodation Request Mobility Program Students by e-mail to . You can also use this same e-mail address to put any question about accommodation.

Accommodation Request Mobility Program Students (PDF | 35KB)

The Students Residence Accommodation Regulation is available at: Residence Regulations (PDF | 73KB)

Be aware that there's a limited number of rooms at the Santiago's Students Residence. Applications will be registered by arrival order.

There isn't any public transport directly from the Students Residence to Barreiro School of Technology.

If you don’t want to stay at the Residence, we believe that the best option is to stay in a hostel for some days and look for an apartment, after you arrive.

You have 2 hostels in the city centre: the Cool Hostel and the Blue Coast Hostel.

After you arrive, you may contact the IPS Academic Association, in Setúbal Campus, that has information about apartments or rooms to rent .

In Barreiro School of Technology -

You may also contact some Real Estate Agencies, for example:

  • Please remember that IPS Campus in Setúbal is not in the city centre.

    If you want to stay near this Campus, the residential areas near the Campus are: Manteigadas and Praias do Sado.

    If you want to check it at the Google Earth, IPS Campus in Setubal is located in a small place called Estefanilha - use references "Rua Vale de Chaves, Setúbal".

    When contacting the Real Estate Agency you should let them know if you prefer to stay in the city or near the campus.

    Also you may ask some former IPS Erasmus students for contacts of landlords. Get former students contacts at the International Relations Office of your University.