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Pre-School Education and Teaching in the 1st Cycle of Basic Education
Study Plan

Academic Year:

1st Year

Core Subjects

1st Semester
MP1C10014Arts and Motricity in Child Education 5  
MP1C10011Didactics in Early Childhood Education I 10  
MP1C10012Traineeship (Internship) I 10  
MP1C10013Fundamentals of Educational Action 5  
2nd Semester
MP1C10017Social and Natural Sciences 5  
MP1C10015Didactics in Early Childhood Education II 4  
MP1C10020Socio-historical Dimensions in Education 5  
MP1C10016Traineeship (Internship) II 6  
MP1C10018Portuguese Language and Literature 5  
MP1C10019Topics in Discrete Mathematics 5  

2nd Year

Core Subjects

MP1C20017Didactics of Portuguese Language and Literature in the 1st Cycle 5  
MP1C20016Didactics of Mathematics in the 1st Cycle 5  
MP1C20019Didactics in Expression 5  
MP1C20018Environmental Studies Teaching 5  
MP1C20020Research Seminar on Pedagogical Practices 9  
1st Semester
MP1C20013Traineeship (Internship) III 12  
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MP1C20015Intercultural Education and Pedagogical Differentiation 3  
MP1C20014Special Educative Needs 3  
2nd Semester
MP1C20022ICT in Pre-school Education and 1st Cycle of Basic Education 4  
MP1C20021Traineeship (Internship) IV 12  
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