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COVID - 19 | Communications

Stay safe. Together, for all


Order no. 60 - Redirection of activity guidelines for the 2020/2021 school year (Revoking Order No. 160/President/2020, Order No. 17/President/2021, and Order No. 29/President/2021)



Order no.51 - Screening campaign using lab diagnostic tests for SARS-CoV-2 in the IPS community | IPS COVID Lab



Order no.40 - Measures to be adopted in situations associated with fraud in assessment processes for courses taught in IPS schools



Order no.29 - Extension of the exceptional measures applied to the guidelines for the 2020-2021 school year



Order no.17 - Exceptional Measures to the Guidelines for the Operation of Academic Activities



Amendment to the IPS Social Action Services Gradual Return Plan allows the use of microwaves.



Order no. 186 - Traveling abroad and mobility for IPS workers and students



President Order nr. 95 defines the procedures to be followed by students when returning to face-to-face activities.



UNIDOS @ IPS | Join this cause

In times of pandemic, all together, we support those who need it the most.


In order to support students whose income was affected by the COVID-19 outbreak mitigation measures, the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal (IPS) and the Social Action Services (SAS / IPS), in partnership with the it's Higher Schools and the Academic Association (AAIPS), launched the UNIDOS @ IPS Program, as an emergency aid to support the payment of tuition fees, residence fees and other specific expenses related to the academic context.

Financed by donations, we invite the IPS community, the Alumni and the partners from the community to join this cause.

If you want to contribute to UNIDOS @ IPS, you can make a bank transfer to the Social Action Services account of the Instituto Politécnico de Setubal using the IBAN PT50 0018 0003 35557230020 53 and fill in the form available here, attaching the respective proof of the transfer.

If you wish to contribute with goods, or wish to specify criteria for the attribution of your donation, please contact us by email:

In order to promote the transparency and accountability of the program, the donations received will be disclosed and, at the end of the Program, a consolidated report will be made public and it will allow assessing the attribution of support granted to students.

The UNIDOS @ IPS regulations, including the rules and application requirements, are available  here.



President Order nr. 78/Presidente/2020 defines the Orientations for the gradual and progressive return to on-site activities at the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal. 



Following the note issued on April 17, by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, and released by the General Directorate of Higher Education regarding the lifting of COVID-19 containment measures, I inform that the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal will proceed, in the next two weeks, with the elaboration of progressive lifting plans of the currently existing measures, including the progressive reactivation of academic and non-academic activities  with students' attendance.

The procedure will attemp to respond to the recommendations issued, considering, however, internal specifications and the constant concern to ensure safety and a smooth and adequate transition to the normal functioning of activities.

In order to find an engaged solution, I inform you that we will opportunely schedule meetings with professors, staff and students.



We inform that enters today into force the Order no.71/President/2020, which establishes The Exceptional and Transitional Regulatory Guidelines for Teaching and Learning Activities, as long as the suspension of face-to-face activities is valid due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

The Order defines in detail teaching, learning and evaluation methodologies in distance learning, which will remain active during the 2nd semester and the 2nd and 3rd quarters of the 2019/2020 academic year, with the same evaluation methodologies.



I hope you are in good health and have restarted classes in the best possible way, highly motivated and committed.

In the present context and following the guidelines of the Order No. 55/President/2020, the IPS teachers have planned teaching and learning activities with resort to alternative methodologies of distance learning (DL) for this second semester.

Such a change has required an enormous effort on the part of everyone to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Your adaptation to the use of the moodle platform and other DL tools and platforms is, of course, an added concern for us, when planning the activities.

The effort to set up and maintain an alternative equitable education system operating effectively has been and we want it to continue to be one of the best pedagogical achievements of the IPS. It is also proof of the sense of responsibility of the IPS (management bodies, services and teachers) towards its students. We are doing our best and we are proud that we are doing our part. Therefore, we expect an equivalent effort from you.

Thus, we do hope that, within your possibilities, you will adhere to your teachers' proposals and instructions, meet deadlines and make responsible use of technologies. Furthermore, we remind you that you should not record video and/or sound or photograph any synchronous activity without the proper authorization of the participants - teachers and students - or, if such authorization exists, content should not be used in a situation other than that for which the authorization was obtained. Any violation of good conduct in this process will be analyzed within the scope of article 3, point e) and article 4 of the IPS Students Disciplinary Regulation.

Remember that we have created the computer loan program to ensure that everyone can access this new type of education.

I will always be available for any suggestion or proposal that can contribute to the improvement of this process, which, with your committed and responsible participation, will have more and better conditions for success.



Aware of the needs of their students and anticipating difficulties in participating in virtual teaching and learning activities as proposed, the IPS and the Academic Association (AAIPS) joined forces. Thus, we have decided to make use of the computer park, which is not in use now, and outlined a support measure aimed at promoting access to the informatics equipment of all those who do not own the required appropriate means.

Accordingly, needs assessment is already underway, with each of the IPS Higher Schools having contacted their student community. Thus, the response to the communication that has been sent to the students by each school will be taken as a sufficient condition for the possible assignment of the equipment. Those who have not yet done so to, please, reply to the sent email.

In order to ensure equity in the access to the equipment, eligibility will be decided on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. SAS/IPS grant holders;
  2. PAAS grant holders;
  3. Remaining student community

Finally, and above any institutional support program, the IPS counts on the solidarity of its community (students, teaching and non-teaching staff) and, therefore, makes the following appeal:

If you have any unused equipment, please give it to a student who needs it.

You can do that within your personal network or contact the Director of any IPS Higher Schools in order to streamline the loan.



Classes are back at the IPS on a distance-learning basis next Thursday, the 26th, but learning in a clinical context will remain suspended, as a measure to contain COVID-19 disease, in the exceptional pandemic situation that motivated the declaration national emergency.

In a new order ( Order no.63), the IPS President has determined the temporary suspension of all internships / clinical teaching / clinical education / education for practice / clinical practice, except for those that can be carried out using digital media. As stated in the document, it is the the Director of the respective Organic Unit responsibility analyze and authorize these and other exceptional situations.

The new teaching and learning context also calls for adoption of alternative procedures for viva examinations ("provas públicas"). These can be carried out through videoconference. Please find details in President Order ( Order no.70).


Tuition payment postponed

The IPS also decided, in this exceptional context, to extend the payment period for tuition fees, until September 2020, without payment of interest on late payments, depending on the developments of COVID-19 and its national impact.

Changing academic calendars

The Easter vacation will be reduced to just two days. The Schools Directors will determine which ones. Changes to the calendars will be posted in due course on the portals of each School.


National Student Day

Perhaps for the first time this anniversary celebration occurs when its protagonists are massively at home. The Presidents of IPS, Pedro Dominguinhos, and of the Academic Association (AAIPS), Claudiu Marinel,  speak about these new times and how we can adapt to them in the best way, properly protected and with no damage to the academic or personal path. Watch the videos here.


E-learning | Classes return on march 26

The Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal is resuming teaching activities next Thursday, the 26th, in e-learning modalities. Classes are back in the established timetables, with the use of Moodle as the basic platform, in addition to Teams and Zoom platforms to be used for interactions via videoconference. For this purpose, tutorials via Moodle will become available soon, as well as a support line for students who are not familiar with this type of resources.

As in face-to-face classes in the times scheduled to the different curricular units, the teachers will be entirely available, and it is up to them to choose the most pertinent methodology for each subject, be it videoconference classes, response to doubts or the resolution of practical cases, among others. Others that do not require simultaneous online presence between students and teachers may also replace these activities.

In this transition phase of adaptation to e-learning regime, the IPS provides a set of guidelines for your consultation, which aims to contribute to better understanding of the operation principles and share of useful tips.

Aware of the difficulties some students can feel, the IPS is also making efforts to find solutions and give support to those who do not own informatics equipment and/or access to Internet.

Informatics Division assures remote technical support

The available contacts are:

We also remind you that the IPS has created a transversal working group, coordinated by the Pro-President Rodrigo Lourenço and by the Vice-President Pedro Ferreira, which includes teachers from the different schools and student representatives. This group is in charge of monitoring the whole process of putting into motion and developing e- learning teaching activities.

Operation of student support services

The Academic Services (Divisão Académica/DA) of the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal is temporarily closed the face-to-face service, due to the COVID-19 containment and mitigation measures.

However, alternatives are in place to ensure the provision of minimum services at a distance. For the present, students can contact the DA via chat at the following times:
Monday to Friday from 10am to 12pm and from 3pm to 7pm.

For this purpose, you should access the Teams chat and insert your student credentials. Please, find below the areas that will, for now, come into operation and respective access links:
DA Applications (Candidaturas) ?
DA Tuition fees (Propinas)
DA ESTBarreiro
DA Diplomas
DA Other Subjects (Outros Assuntos) /0?

Self-isolation and psychological support

The General Directorate of Health (Direção Geral da Saúde) has provided a Manual of Isolation and Social Distancing (Manual de Isolamento e Distanciamento Social) that explains the differences between these two Public Health measures, the care to be taken in each context and what to do if symptoms develop. In addition, tips can be found on how to make the most of the time being at home.

Aware of the disruptions resulting from this effort to contain the pandemic, with the country in Emergency State, the IPS Students Welfare Services (SAS) will maintain the psychological support consultations, now at a distance (virtual session). Appointments should be made through the address

Please note that you can count on the IPS to clarify any doubts and / or procedures in the event that you have symptoms similar to that caused by COVID 19, through the following contacts: or 265 709 308 (between 8:30 am - 8:00 pm) ).



Following Order No. 55 / President / 2020 and the policies announced by the Government last Thursday, March 12, published in the Diário da República, the Presidency and the Higher School Directors met last Friday and Saturday.

In this sense, I have been updating the situation of IPS and announcing further measures to be implemented from March 16 on, in addition to those recommended in the mentioned Order. Please, note that all measures will be revised/updated in response to the evolution of future eventualities.

A) The present situation in the Polytechnic of Setúbal

I would like to convey a message of serenity, despite the legitimate fears that the community has revealed. To our knowledge there is currently no case diagnosed with COVID-19 in the IPS community or in their relatives and close relationships. The students and staff returning from abroad have been in social isolation, indoors, for the recommended period. Under the circumstances we are all facing, as far as possible, I would like to take this opportunity to convey a word of confidence and inform that the IPS leadership tirelessly aims at the best for all, according with the limitations imposed by the legal framework and in defending the interests of all.

 B) Measures to contain and mitigate COVID-19 in the IPS

Order No. 55 / President / 2020 implemented a set of measures aimed at containing coronavirus spread. However, on March 12, the government of the Republic declared the State of Alert in Portugal and took a set of measures in the same direction, reinforcing those that the IPS had already implemented, and encourage the use of teleworking. Furthermore, the Government established the social rights of workers in specific situations and encouraged the use of teleworking. Thus,

 B.1 - Teaching activities

  • Teaching activities remain suspended until March 25. On March 26, distance-learning activities will start in all schools and courses, in all CUs in which these methodologies can be used. Clinical teaching UCs plus internship UCs already suspended in accordance with Order No. 55/President/2020, remain suspended.
  • During this period, conditions will be created so that everything can run smoothly. In order to ensure technical and pedagogical preparation, training, and appropriate support, a working group was created under the coordination of Vice-President Pedro Ferreira and the Pro-President Rodrigo Lourenço, with the participation of teachers of all Higher Schools.
  • We will do everything in our power to mitigate the damage inherent in this situation, and we will take the necessary measures so that students are not harmed in their academic path. The concrete measures will be announced as soon as justified.


B.2 - Students' Welfare Services 

  • As a social containment measure, it has been decided to close the canteen and the bars on the campi of Setúbal and Barreiro, and keep the individual meal delivers in those premises.
  • At the Santiago Students Residence, the IPS will deliver full meals at no cost on a daily basis.
  • Face-to-face appointments will be suspended. Whenever possible, these will be carried out by teleconference or videoconference.


B.3 - Telework and Customer Service Regime 

  • During the period March 11 until today, the IPS has been working on the construction of scenarios and the preparation of the various measures to be adopted. Transition to the telework regime has been put into motion and will be fully implemented during 16-20 March, ensuring that all the necessary conditions are there.
  • This way, telework regime will be globally adopted on March 16, and will cover all services and functions as appropriate, keeping operational in critical situations. Workers will be informed by their hierarchical superiors.
  • A model for attendance control and adherence to this regime will be defined, with the hierarchical superior being responsible for this communication.
  • This regime will help assure the IPS core functions. Furthermore, this is a means to reinforce the training of staff by shortly providing a set of online courses.
  • Face-to-face services will adopt the continuous working hours regime, in order to reduce the time spent at the IPS.
  • Face-to-face service will remain suspended, and will be replaced by virtual service resorting to digital platforms, e-mail and telephone. Shortly, all devices for each service and School will be widely released.
  • Librarian services will be reduced to online collection requisition. Students should collect and deliver books at the reception of their premises, at times to be defined.


B.4 - Access to Setúbal and Barreiro campi 

  • Setúbal and Barreiro campi are not closed. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to be present, for reasons of social isolation that we must all follow.


 C - Final Mesage

At the IPS, we are all committed to our civic duty. We are all responsible for everyone. All of us should adopt a responsible and appropriate conduct in the current context, following the recommendations and guidelines of the national authorities. We, as an academic community that lives for the development and continuous improvement of society, must be exemplary in this matter. The situation we are experiencing now takes on an extraordinary character. Extraordinary situations demand extraordinary actions from all of us. We must know how to respond to the new challenges of each day with tranquility and confidence, but we must do so with greater restraint and awareness of the risks that exist, for us and, above all, for all those around us. With no alarmism, but with great vigilance and responsibility. We are all together in the same fight. Let us continue together, acting for a better tomorrow.

I would like deeply to acknowledge the exemplary behavior that the IPS community has demonstrated during this period. A special word to teaching and non-teaching staff that have been up to the situation.


New Coronavirus [COVID-19]


 As many of you know, the COVID 19 is spreading fast to several countries and following the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Portuguese authorities, IPS is implementing its action plan, which will take place in the next few days. This includes the provision of hand disinfectant for free use in all the buildings of both Setúbal and Barreiro Campi and the nomination of a contact person in each college and service, to whom you can approach by telephone in order to clarify all doubts or take advise on how to proceed in case of need.

In addition to these institutional emergency measures, we strongly advise you to follow other guidelines:

  • Avoid physical contact;
  • Wash your hands frequently;
  • Take special care if you need to sneeze or cough by covering your mouth and nose with your elbow;
  • Decide in good conscience all your travels, namely if you are planning to go to higher risk countries.
  • If you just returned from a country where the virus is active or had contacts with people that arrived from abroad recently and you feel one or more symptoms related to COVID 19 please bare in mind the instructions below from the Portuguese health authorities.

Finally, we emphasize that:

  • The most common COVID 19 symptoms include coughing, sneezing, over-tiredness and breathing difficulties;
  • If you experience any of the listed symptoms, please stay in your house/room and immediately call SAUDE24 for further instructions;
  • You can reach SAUDE24 by dialing 808 24 24 24 (24 hours, seven days a week).


Up to today, there are no restrictions for people coming and staying in Portugal from one of the countries where the new coronavirus is active, namely Italy (specially the north part), China, South Korea, Singapore, Japan or Iran.


However, it is advisable within the next 14 days:

  • To watch out for any sign of fever, cough or breathing difficulties;
  • To measure body temperature twice a day and register the correspondent values;
  • To be aware if people around you develop symptoms (fever, cough or breathing difficulties);
  • In the event of one or more symptoms occur both in you or in people around you, please do not go to a health service (namely the hospital). Call SAUDE24 (800 24 24 24) and carefully follow their instructions.

It is also highly recommended to:

    • Wash your hands regularly, using water and soap and scrubing them at least for 20 seconds;
    • Follow the washing instructions with special care before and after cooking, using the toilets and every time your hands are dirty;
    • If by any change you don't have at your disposable water and soap, you can always use an alcohol solution or a disinfection lotion to wash your hands;
    • Always use disposable paper tissues;
    • Use them only once, through them in a garbage can and wash your hands afterwards;
    • Always protect your nose and mouth with your elbow if you need to sneeze or cough;
    • Do not touch your eyes, mouth or nose with dirty hands (namely with respiratory secretions);
    • Avoid being in close and crowded places within the next 14 days after your arrival;
    • Avoid physical contact with others within the next 14 days after your arrival

april 07/2021

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