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English for Professionals

Scholar Year: 2018/2019 - 1S

Code: IMAS1009    Acronym: EP
Section/Department: Department of Economics and Management


Acronym Nº of students Study Plan Curricular year ECTS Contact hours Total Time
MOBIL 35 Plan of Sudies International Module 4,5

Teaching weeks: 15


Elisabete Cristina Simões LopesHead

Weekly workload

Hours/week T TP P PL L TC E OT OT/PL TPL O S
Type of classes 0 3


Type Teacher Classes Hours
Theoretical-practical Totals 1 0,00
Valter Silva   3,00
Laboratories Totals 1 3,00

Teaching language


Intended learning outcomes (Knowledges, skills and competencies to be developed by the students)

Students will:
• develop skills in systematic recording of new language and the use of dictionaries;
• recognize language types such as word partnerships (break into the market, carry out research, meet demand) and fixed expressions (as a rule, on the whole);
• develop strategies for reading and interpreting texts dealing with Engineering issues;
• develop the capacity to write a short article in English about a topic in their professional context;
• develop skills in presenting a written report of academic work.
• develop skills in oral presentation of academic work.


• Career Management: job advertisements, recruitment processes, professional correspondence;
• Innovation: creativity versus innovation, responding to change and new ideas; SMEs
• Environmental ethics: problems and solutions;
• Entrepreneurship: its role in SMEs and corporations;
• E-business: case-studies;
• Pricing and the market, describing trends and change, quantitative data;
• Enterprise and public relations; the case of Intel;
• Current themes in the business world.

Demonstration of the syllabus coherence with the UC intended learning outcomes

Active learning in the classroom and collaborative research outside class.

Teaching methodologies

Avaliação distribuída com exame final

Assessment methodologies and evidences

Continuous Assessment
T1 = Group work involving written project submission and group oral presentation; 3 or 4 members per group
T2 = TWA (Timed Written Assignment) completed in classtime
T3 = Written test
Final mark = T1 0,5 + T2 0,2 + T3 0,3
Pass mark is 10. With a mark of less than 10 a student will need to go to exam.

T1 = Group work involving written project submission and oral presentation
T2 = TWA + written Examination
Final mark = T1 0,5 + T2 0,5

The minimum pass mark is 10


Articles taken from periodicals related with the business area: Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Business Spotlight.

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