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Logistic Project

Scholar Year: 2018/2019 - 2S

Code: IMSS2005    Acronym: LP
Section/Department: Department of Marketing and Logistics


Acronym Nº of students Study Plan Curricular year ECTS Contact hours Total Time
MOBIL 14 Plan of Sudies International Module 6,0

Teaching weeks: 15


Tiago Miguel Santa Rita Simões de PinhoHead

Weekly workload

Hours/week T TP P PL L OT S TPL E OT/PL
Type of classes 1 2


Type Teacher Classes Hours
Theoretical Totals 1 1,00
Tânia Reigadinha   1,00
Theoretical-practical Totals 1 2,00
Tânia Reigadinha   2,00

Teaching language


Intended learning outcomes (Knowledges, skills and competencies to be developed by the students)

Contribute to the understanding and analysis of logistics issues in a real context, application of theoretical logistics concepts learned during the undergraduate studies, and presentation of solutions proposals by the students.

To conceive an applied or theoretical Project in Logistics according to specific objectives and timetable, defined by a real Firm (field work).



The specific Project theme/subject, objectives, content and timetable will be defined by the Firm and accorded with the group of students and the teacher. Guidelines will be given for project management purposes.

Demonstration of the syllabus coherence with the UC intended learning outcomes


One (1) initial class will be lecture type followed by tutorial sessions with each group of students, at the teachers office, according to the students timetable.

Teaching methodologies

Avaliação apenas com exame final

Demonstration of the teaching methodologies coherence with the curricular unit's intended learning outcomes


The Assessment requires effective field and team work, rigorous research, a group written report, an oral presentation in the classroom and a discussion.

Groups are responsible for time management and the effective use of tutorial support, on a weekly base.

The written Project Report must not exceed 35 pages (excluding appendices)

Important dates:
13th March - Clear identification of company /firm/ institution, subject and problem to be analyzed for approval by the teacher.

3rd April - Detailed Problem description

1st May - Theoretical background

22th May - Critical Analysis / Solutions Proposal and Final conclusions

5th June - Final written Project Report delivery

12th June - Group oral presentation and individual discussion (in classroom).

Assessment methodologies and evidences


The Final individual grade of Logistics Project course is the result of:

50% of the group written report grade (same grade to all the students within the group)
25% group oral presentation to the classroom/teacher(individual grade)
25% individual discussion (individual grade)

Students will get Approval on the LOGISTICS PROJECT course, with a Final individual grade equal or above 10 (ten), on a scale from 0 (zero) to 20 (twenty).

Poster presentation on the day of the oral presetation. SEE TEMPLATES.

Attendance system

Not applicable to this course.

Assement and Attendance registers

Description Type Tempo (horas) End Date
Attendance (estimated)  Classes  0
  Total: 0

Main Bibliography

References indicated by tutors according to the specific Logistics Project


VERY IMPORTANTE NOTE: Re - Sits and Classification Improvement ARE NOT applicable to this course.

Logistics Project course 2017/2018:

Teacher: Tiago Pinho


Office: B2.15

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