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LCP - Portuguese Language and Culture for Erasmus Students



2nd Semester


Portuguese Language and Culture
(Level A1 –Common European Framework)



Luciano Pereira – Suzanne Reichenstein

135 hours
(60 contact hours)

This course is designed for international mobility students, particularly students on the ERASMUS programme. An adapted syllabus will be provided for Spanish students.

The language learning aspects of the course will be linked, wherever possible, to the cultural context with an emphasis on historical, geographical, political and artistic areas .


- To develop communicative competences in the Portuguese Language to the end of level A1 (CEF)

-To develop social and cultural understanding of the region, of Portugal and the Portuguese speaking world.




1. Travelling to a Portuguese speaking country: Preparations for the visit, accommodation and food, buying things, cultural visits, using public transport, social contacts.

2. Portugal and the Portuguese speaking world - covering social, political, artistic and cultural areas.


TOPICS (linked to communicative activities, grammar and vocabulary):

Identification and personal information, daily activities, family relationships and housing, commerce(buying and paying )geographical location of people and objects, leisure and sports, health and the body, public services, events in the past, social contacts and forms of address, social issues, work , food, tourism and journeys.



Students should attend at least 80% of the lessons.

1. Continuous assessment (20%)

2. Individual written test (50%)

3. Written group project on a theme related to the Portuguese speaking world (30%) . Can be presented in Portuguese, French, Spanish or English.

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