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Pre-School Education and Teaching in the 1st Cycle of Basic Education
Study Plan

Academic Year:

1st Year

Core Subjects

1st Semester
MP1C10001Didactics in Early Childhood Education I 5  
MP1C10005Didactics in Early Childhood Education II 5  
MP1C10007Socio-historical Dimensions in Education 5  
MP1C10009Internship I 12  
MP1C10010Pedagogical Models and Curricular Development 5  
2nd Semester
MP1C10004Information Technology in the Educational Context 3  
MP1C10002Specific Didactics in the 1st Cycle I 4  
MP1C10008Internship II 13  
MP1C10006Fundamentals of Educational Action 5  
MP1C10003Seminar in Curriculum Integration 3  

2nd Year

Core Subjects

1st Semester
MP1C20004Specific Didactics in the 1st Cycle II 5  
MP1C20011Internship III 15  
MP1C20012Research Seminar and Project 5  
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MP1C20008History and Geography of Portugal I 5  
MP1C20005Music Techniques and Technologies 5  
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